PocketBots Abound with Nadia Ruslanova

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This month, PocketBot Beta makes its debut on the Google Play Store.  Yes, as of July, 2016, PocketBot is on the market!

So, what is PocketBot?  Well, as Nadia learned when she visited this month, robots come in all shapes and sizes.  Some do a little and some do a lot.  Some take just hours to build, and some take years.  But all of them require a “User Interface”.

PocketBot lets you use an Android device as your robot’s User Interface.  What’s that mean?  It means you can:

  • – Give vocal commands to your robot.
  • – Control your robot with a joystick on your Android phone.
  • – Use your robot as a telepresence device and control it with the video feed.
  • – Take advantage of your Android device’s gyroscope and GPS to give even more abilities to your robot.

On top of that, PocketBot is a fun, engaging UI with great features!

  • – Uses social cues to engage in realistic interactions with the user.
  • – Bright, colorful faces and emotions.
  • – High-level communication skills and customizable dialogue.

Nadia and Adas
“So basically, you can turn a $25 robot kit into a telepresence unit?”
Nadia says in disbelief.

Yes, you sure can, and here’s how:

Adafruit Mini Metal Robot – PocketBot – Telepresence

But PocketBot can be used with LOTS of other robots.  Stay tuned for more tutorials.  Keep up with the newest PocketBot updates by signing up for PocketBot BETA here:

PocketBot BETA Signup

Or get your copy of PocketBot on the Google Play store Now by clicking here:

PocketBot on Google Play Store

Nadia and the bot 1Cs
Nadia Ruslanova is an international model, Model Mayhem #2838073


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  1. ravishankar says:

    I’m currently working with this pocketbot project but i didnt get seven digit code and don’t know how to proceed it further.thanks

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