PocketBot now connects to ROS

ROS support is now available on PocketBot!


That’s right!  We’ve just finished adding support for ROS (Robotic Operating System) to PocketBot!

PocketBot can connect to a ROS master over wifi. Just click on the URL under your robot name. Then enter the ip address of your ROS master. PocketBot will then transmit sensor data to the ROS master over several topics.


Topic List
/pocketbot/imu (Rotation Data)
/pocketbot/face (Face tracking)
/pocketbot/cmd_vel (Joystick Input)
more soon…


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One comment on “PocketBot now connects to ROS
  1. Luis Olivet says:

    Im doing this proyect, but i cant conect to google acount, it just try but dont conect, just appear a circle round and round and nothing happend. i dont know how create or conect a master ROS. can you help me pls. if you have a Arduino Code too, pls send me tanks.

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