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What this means is that no one should take her

Protesters vow to stay on the streets as federal agents prepare to pull back protesters vow to stay on the streets as federal agents prepare to pull back were more clashes and tear gas in Portland on July 29, even after Oregon’s governor and the Trump administration announced an agreement aimed at de escalating tensions outside the federal courthouse. Were more clashes and tear gas in Portland on July 29, even after an agreement aimed at de escalating tensions outside the federal courthouse. Washington Post Gerberg Washington Post Sitz Washington Post wheeler wheeler justice taylor police lives matter protests floyd blowers marshals police gas barr wolf brown brown security trump troops forces agents governor, federal officials announce withdrawal of most federal agents, but timelines differ choice do we have?’: Portland’s ‘Wall of Moms’ faces off with federal officers at tense protests says it will police violations of law, not ideology, in Portland protests Washingt.

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