This requires two Android devices. One will connect to your robot via an Arduino. The second will be used as the remote control.

On the Robot

Use the slide out drawer to get to most options.








On the robot select “Face” from the drawer.  Then click on Telepresence.










Note the number on the top of the screen. This is the “Phone Number” of the robot.
When the robot is connect you will see the X/Y position of the remote joystick here.







For an example of how to program your Arduino on the robot check out the examples found here

The Telepresence example should be in Files->Examples->Pocketbot->pocketbot_telepresence_example
The example includes code for Adafruit and Sabertooth motor drivers.

On the Control Device

On the Android device that is being used to call the Robot. Press the “Control Mode” button in the drawer.  Then press the “Connect” button. You will then see the robot selection screen. Select the remote robot you want to control. It can take up to a minute to connect so be patient. You should the be able to control your robot using the circles on the bottom of the screen.









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